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On Sunday 02/19/17:
Feeling a bit sticky with the constant tempature changes this winter? Bring your gear in for a hot wax in our rental shop! For only $10 you can be gliding in style, and even better, season pass holders can get their gear waxed for only $5!



  • The farthest north chairlift in North America!

  • Day Lodge with Spectacular View

  • Aurora Cafe serving up Pastries, Breakfast, Snacks, Soups, Sandwiches, Beverages, Desserts

  • Alpine and Snowboard Equipment Rentals

  • Patrolled by National Ski Patrol

  • Nightly Aurora Viewing in our warm lodge with hot drinks.

Hours of Operation

Skiing and Snowbarding 10am to 4pm -Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting. Days will get longer as the daylight does.
The season normally starts around Thanksgiving and runs until around mid-April.

Aurora Viewing 9pm to 3am every night of the week, mid September- mid April.

Follow the links below to get current weather conditions and the forecast for the next week for Ski Land.

AKDOT's cameras and weather station at Cleary Summit

Data log of weather station for the prior 24hrs

NOAA's forcast for the top of Ski Land

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Ski Land

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